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Media Studies

Staff List and HOD Names

Miss K McArdle - Head of Department

Mr J McCormick

Aims of Department

This is a hands-on course which teaches the technical skills necessary to produce motion pictures as well as animated sequences. It is an exciting, innovative and enjoyable subject but it requires hard work and dedication.

During the course pupils will learn to:

  • develop an understanding of film language in both theory and practice

  • develop ideas through investigating and experimenting with filmmaking techniques and processes

  • develop the ability to manage resources and equipment in relation to film production

  • produce moving image artworks

  • develop technical competence in the use of filmmaking techniques

  • evaluate the effectiveness of their own practice.

We are very fortunate to have three Mac suites which have been specifically designed for MIA students. On each computer there are a variety of programs designed to aid the production of professional looking films. In addition, we have a considerable number of DSLR cameras, tripods and lighting kits to ensure our students have access to all the necessary materials.

Outline of Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

Key Stage  4

GCSE Moving Image Arts

This is a vocational GCSE comprising of 60% Controlled Assessment and 40% Online Examination. An outline of the three components involved in this linear specification (all components are submitted or completed at the end of Year 12) are provided below.

Component 1 – Critical Understanding of Creative and Technical Moving Image Production

  • Compulsory External Online Examination

  • 40% of entire GCSE

  • Completed at the end of Year 12

  • Features:

    • Range of previously unseen audio and visual stimuli and short film sequences;

    • Questions that assess knowledge and understanding of film language, practices, techniques and contexts;

    • Scenario-based questions that assess creative and production management skills; and

    • Questions that assess analysis and evaluation of film language, audience and purpose

  • 1 hour 30 minutes


Component 2 – Acquisition of Skills in Moving Image Production

  • Compulsory controlled assessment tasks

  • 20% of entire GCSE

  • Completed in Year 11

  • Students complete four tasks that are set by CCEA including:

    • Storyboarding;

    • Camera and Editing;

    • Sound; and

    • Animation


Component 3 – Planning and Making a Moving Image Product

  • Compulsory controlled assessment portfolio

  • 40% of entire GCSE

  • Completed in Year 12

  • Students produce a live-action or animated film portfolio from a selection of genre-specific production briefs provided by CCEA. The portfolio must include:

    • A research analysis;

    • Preproduction material;

    • A completed moving image product (2 minutes in length); and

    • An evaluation


Here is a link to CCEA MIA Microsite should you wish to find out any further information

Key Stage 5

Moving Image Arts at AS and A2 level is a considerable step up from GCSE. Pupils now have full creative control over the films that they make. They are expected to write, plan, direct and edit their own short film. This requires creativity, excellent organisational, time management and people skills not to mention the perseverance and determination to see their project to completion. These skills will aid our pupils to excel in any field of work.


We currently offer CCEA’s Moving Image Arts specifications and the units are as follows:

Here is a link to CCEA MIA Microsite should you wish to find out any further information

Career Opportunities

There are a wide variety of careers available to any MIA student should he/she wish to pursue a career in this field.

  • Director

  • Producer

  • Screen-Writer

  • Editor

  • Cinematographer

  • Set Designer

  • Camera Operator

  • Sound Designer

However, as an MIA student you will find you will develop a range of team-working, organisational and problem-solving skills that are valued in any career path you choose to follow.

Additional Information

The Media Department offers a Junior Animation Club as an extracurricular activity.

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Careers and Options in Media

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