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African Drum & Samba Club

Drums play an important role in every aspect of African life. African hand drums are played to celebrate, mourn and inspire. They’re played in times of peace and war, planting and harvesting, birth and death. The All Saints Music Department has a wide range of authentic African drums including Djembe’s and Dunduns. All pupils are welcome to attend the African drumming club. They will have the opportunity to learn drumming techniques and rhythms that are performed at various school events throughout the year. Rehearsals take place after school each Thursday.

American Football Club

This club is for everyone; the NFL fanatics, the adventurous, the sporty, those who have seen it on TV and want to give it a try, those who want to try something new, and anyone in between. At this club we discuss our favourite teams, players, and plays while practising our throwing and catching skills. Pupils learn how to throw the perfect spiral and how to catch the worst of passes. When we have the basics down, we take to the pitch where we play some small non-contact games. By the end, there’s trick plays and plays codes being made up through the week to outsmart the other team. Pupils are encouraged to bring their own NFL ball to school where they can practice at lunch or break. After school on Tuesdays in Term 2, taken by Mr McCloskey.

Anime Club

Anime club is available for all pupils to attend. The pupils do not need to have any knowledge of anime or manga before joining the club. For those who are not aware, manga are Japanese comics and anime are the animated version of these comics. At the club, we have quizzes based on pupils’ favourite animes, we watch episodes of popular anime, learn to speak and draw the symbols for common Japanese phrases, and much more. The club is held every Thursday after school and is taken by Mr McCloskey with the assistance of our past pupil and anime expert Mark.

Art Club

Every Thursday after school we meet to work on various art projects including murals inside and outside of school and work that pupils can take home. The club includes pupils from all year groups within the school and has been previously nominated for a West Belfast Partnership Community Art award. The club have been taken on trips to see professional artists’ exhibitions. It is run by Mr Bell and Mr Graham.


The choir is open to all pupils and performs a variety of music depending on the occasion. Performances occur at school religious services, open night, prize night, school productions and during the Christmas period with carol singing in the local community. Rehearsals take place every Tuesday at lunchtime.

Homework Club

The Homework Club is available to all students in School. The club begins every morning from 8.15am and is located in our state of the art IT Department which has multiple computers with fast internet access available along with printers so that all students can access homework, course work and revision.  Highly qualified staff are on hand to assist with any of your needs and answer any questions you have. The Homework club is set in a quiet learning space so you can enjoy the peace and quiet and relaxed atmosphere we provide.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Club

Pokémon trainers and fanatics hear the call. At Pokémon club, we cover all that is Pokémon. This is a place to let your love for the famous Pokémon franchise show. If you are a card collector or a card dueller, you are free to come along and trade and battle while being at school. Do not despair if you do not have your own cards, the school has their own premade decks so you can jump straight into the action! We teach you how to play the game following the competition rules and even run competitions through the year with Pokémon themed prizes to be won. This club is at lunch-time every Thursday taken by Mr McCloskey and assisted by past pupil Mark.


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Geology Club

For all those rock enthusiasts and Indiana Jones fans out there, Geology club is the one for you. In this club, you will explore the world around us and the many natural phenomena that occur, find out how the world was formed and how this has helped to shape Ireland and the various landscapes around Belfast. Get on the school bus to go to the Ulster Museum to study the different fossils, Colin Glen Forest Park to study river features and look for fossils, and many more. This club is held after school on Thursdays and is taken by Mr Watson.

Harry Potter Club

Calling all you wizards and witches take your place in the magical universe of Harry Potter – whether you’ve been a fan since J.K. Rowling first introduced to us the Boy who Lived, or you’ve recently been bewitched by a Niffler. Years 8,9 and 10 are welcome and most importantly it is free! So come along and discover which house you truly belong to - Enjoy magical features, Harry Potter Lego, puzzles, quizzes, books, movies and a fan favourite ‘popcorn’. Let the adventure begin every Friday at Lunch time …I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

ICT Club

In All Saints College ICT is a very important part of school life.   ICT is widely used within all subjects in the college. We have a number of fully equipped ICT suites and media rooms throughout the college. We believe that ICT is extremely important in all of our everyday lives.

Within our ICT department we have a firm belief that ICT should be fun and enjoyable.

We give our pupils the opportunity to explore a range of technologies during the after-school clubs. They can explore: Programming, Gaming, Graphic design, Website Design, and Film Making.

To facilitate the development of pupil understanding and use of all the technologies available we have a number of ICT Extra Curricular Activities: After-school KS3 and KS4 ICT club, Minecraft, and Website Design Club.

Any pupil interested in ICT and that want to develop their ICT skills are welcome to come along!

Kids in Control

Kids in Control Theatre facilitate a drama group with our year 8 pupils. Those involved receive an annual trip to the Lyric Theatre to see the KIC showcase and work on the creation of an issue based movie. Pupils have created short films highlighting issues such as bullying, sectarianism, the importance of CPR and defib training as well as drug misuse. Twice this group has won the West Belfast Partnerships Environment Award for Art and have also been nominated for an Education Authority Oscar with their last 2 videos going viral. This group is run by Jade from KIC Theatre and Mr Bell. The club runs at different times throughout the school year.


Making Our Communities a Better Place

Volunteers meet at the weekend to carry out community based clean-ups such as litter picks and graffiti removals. Pupils from all year groups become involved and the group has previously won the West Belfast Partnerships Community Endeavour Award. Pupils are rewarded for their efforts when they are taken on merit trips. These have included past trips to play laser tag in Colin Glen and trips to the cinema. This group is taken by Mr Bell.

Minecraft Club 

Minecraft, for those who have somehow never heard of it, is an open world sandbox game in which players are able to build and create anything that they can imagine. In the club, pupils join the same world and work together to build bases, work as a team to defeat enemies, solve puzzles created by the worlds' admins, or for the brave join the PvP day where they will have to learn to survive among their peers. The club is held in the careers room and uses the education edition which allows pupils to game safely. In the club, we try to teach members how to game respectfully while online, and to follow laws and rules within the game with our own pupil created court. This club is managed by Mr Killen, Mr Mason, Mr McCloskey, and assisted by past pupil Mark.

School Band

The school band usually consists of pupils who play Drums, Guitar, Keyboard and Bass guitar. They often are pupils who are attending private instrumental lessons within the school. They rehearse and perform a wide range of popular music styles and regularly perform in school concerts, prize and open nights. Rehearsals take place after school each Wednesday.

Traditional Irish Music club

In the Traditional music club, pupils perform a range of traditional styles from slow airs to jigs and reels. They also rehearse and perform music from popular and religious genres that allows them the opportunity to accompany the school band and choir in performances throughout the school year. Instruments that are played within this club include Tin Whistle, Bodhran and Guitar. Rehearsals take place after school each Tuesday.


Safe Space

Are you a pupil that does not like the hustle and bustle of the yard? Do you get anxious around other pupils when they play close by or if they are being a bit noisy? Safe space is the perfect place for you. At safe space, pupils can find a place to relax and calm themselves in the middle of a stressful day at school. You will be surrounded by other pupils who have similar attitudes and ideas and you can eat your lunch in peace and play a game with your friends. Safe space is available every day before school and at lunchtime and is taken by Miss Kerr, Miss McCully, Mrs McFall, Mrs McGivern, and Miss Wisniewske.


Sports Club

This lunch-time club is aimed at boys and girls who would like to get involved in some extra exercise through the week. The club is held inside the sports hall where pupils are able to play different sports through the year including soccer, table tennis, and dodgeball. It is welcome to everyone and is a great opportunity to make a new friend and learn a new sport. This club is held every lunchtime by Mr Hawkins and Mrs McShane.

Yu-Gi-Oh Club

Yu-Gi-Oh is a trading card game based from a famous Anime series. At this club, pupils are able to learn the basics of the game and compete against each other in the quiet of a classroom. If you are a card collector, card battler, or just interested in watching the games you are more than welcome to come along. With the help of our Yu-Gi-Oh expert Mark, we can give advice on deck building and suggest good trades for specific cards. The school has its own decks for anyone who has not had the opportunity to get their own so feel free to give the game a try before you get your own. Held every Tuesday in the Library by Mr McCloskey and past pupil Mark.


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