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The Achieve Programme

Staff List and HOD Names

Mrs Lorraine Walker

Ms Deirdre Vallely

Mr Michael Vallely

Mr Karl McQuaid

Mr Dan McGivern

Mrs Ciara Shields

Mrs Debbie Birney

Mr Patrick Mervyn

Mr Conor Kennedy

Aims of Department

The Prince’s Trust Achieve qualification is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in education. Focusing on personal development and employability skills, pupils gain a formal qualification equivalent to two ‘B’ grades at GCSE.

Outline of Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5


Delivered at Key Stage 4, pupils choose to complete four units over two years of a GCSE programme. Students may choose from


  • Effective Teamwork

  • Community Project

  • Undertaking an Enterprise Project

  • Participating in Exercise

  • Work Experience

  • Presentation Skills


These projects, when combined, complete a full portfolio of work which is submitted at the end of Year 12. There is no exam element to this course. Pupils are continuously assessed throughout their course of study.


Within the units, pupils will learn how each project relates to working in a safe, hygienic and secure working environment.

Career Opportunities

The aim of the programme is to provide pupils with the skills necessary to progress into a suitable job, training opportunity or the offer of further and higher education. The programme develops young peoples’ key transferable skills such as the use of digital media, teamwork, self-management, planning, financial management and self-care. Young people complete the course equipped with the ability to navigate the fluid changing nature of the work market.

Additional Information

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