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Physical Education

Staff List and HOD Names

Mr C Smyth – Head of Department

Mr S Hawkins 

Mr T O’Neill

Mr P Murray

Mr N Banks

Mr B Armstrong

Mrs D Vallely

Ms S O'Brien

Ms J Bradley

Mrs R McAllister

Aims of Department

The Physical Education Department in All Saints College provide numerous and varied activities for our pupils to experience and learn through. Most importantly our pupils should experience the following:


•          Social Interaction

•          Fun

•          Challenge

•          Delight

•          Motor Competence

•          Personal Relevant Learning


Using these criteria our department support pupils learning and use of transferable skills not only in sport but through their social interaction with their peers and family etc.

Outline of Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5


Our KS 3 pupils will experience the following activities with a focus on personal growth through participation in these.


•Athletics – Including track events i.e. 100m, 400m & 800m and Field events i.e. long jump, high jump, javelin and shot put


•Dance – various disciplines are performed by our pupils.


•Games – Gaelic, Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Dodgeball, Kabadi, Olympic Handball

•Gymnastic Activities


•Outdoor and Adventurous Activities – Orienteering, Navigation


•Swimming – Lessons at local swimming centre and Rookie Lifeguard training



At this Key Stage our pupils enjoy taking greater autonomy of their learning and personal wellbeing and fitness. Pupils are introduced to our weights and spin bike rooms and are assisted to tailor their own fitness programmes to suit their goals.


They also have the opportunity to embark upon one of our Sports Studies courses. They can choose between a YMCA and an OCN qualification which offer pupils pathways in Sport but with different focuses.



In Key Stage 5 students have the opportunity to study Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity focusing on topics including:


•Body Systems and the Effects of Physical Activity


•Sports Coaching and Activity Leadership


•Sports Organisation and Development


•Organisation of Sports Events



The Department also offers the OCN NI Level 2 Sport.

Career Opportunities

The PE Department assists the Careers Department wherever possible to offer opportunities to our pupils in the Sport industry. Pupils are encouraged and assisted in finding work placements in various sport-related roles and institutions.

Additional Information

As a PE Department we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities for our pupils; From regular competitive team sports offerings such as gaelic, hurling and soccer to more recreational opportunities such as basketball, badminton, table tennis, dodgeball, indoor football, handball, running, spin classes and unique and innovative clubs such as our Thursday club and our Inside and Out Fitness club focussing in physical and mental health as well as diet.


Throughout the year we organise numerous trips, in the past these have included Water Sports trip to Southern France, football trips to Old Trafford and Celtic Park, Outdoor and Adventurous trips to Let’s Go Hydro etc., Friendship Four Ice Hockey and Belfast Basketball Classic at the SSE Arena.


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