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Staff List and HOD Names

Mrs C McKendry - Head of Department

Mrs C Hamilton 

Mrs T Donnelly 

Mr D Bell

Mr D Convery

Mrs K Murphy

Ms N Butler

Ms A Cullen

Aims of Department

The Mathematics Department comprises a dedicated and caring team of teachers who actively promote the enjoyment of Mathematics. Each teacher aims to provide opportunities for all pupils to:

  • develop a feel and a love of Mathematics

  • develop their Mathematical skills

  • understand the part Mathematics plays in the world around them

  • solve problems and interpret the results

  • develop their logical thinking

  • develop their awareness of personal finance

  • use Mathematics as a means of communication

  • develop their use of ICT in the subject

  • achieve their full potential in Mathematics

Outline of Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

Key Stage  3

Students follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Mathematics and Financial Capability. Mathematics helps pupils to develop important skills such as calculating, logical thinking and investigating. It enables pupils to:

  1. understand quantity and measures;

  2. appreciate patterns and relationships;

  3. explore size and shape; and

  4. analyse data and chance.

Through Financial Capability, our teachers give pupils opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of a range of finance issues. Pupils will also develop skills that enable them to make competent and responsible financial decisions.

By engaging with issues that young people can relate to, now and in the future, we help pupils to see the relevance of Mathematics and Financial Capability to real life and to work. We have linked our Key Stage 3 Schemes of Work to the content required at GCSE level, therefore, pupils are developing skills that will form the building blocks for Key Stage 4.

We celebrate pupil achievement in Mathematics with monthly awards being presented to every class.

Key Stage 4


At the end of Year 10, subject teachers will closely analyse the performance and potential of pupils who will then move on to either study GCSE Foundation Maths or Higher Maths in two years. Any exceptional candidates will be invited to sit Higher Maths in Year 11 and GCSE Further Maths in Year 12. All pupils studying GCSE Maths and GCSE Further Maths follow the CCEA specification. 


Pupils following the standard GCSE route will be assessed by way of three written examinations over two years.

In Year 11, pupils will sit one of the modules from M1, M2, M3 and M4 worth 45%.

In Year 12, pupils will sit one completion module from M5, M6, M7 or M8 worth 55%. This module comprises a calculator and non-calculator paper.

Pupils will be offered the opportunity to sit each module twice if necessary. Revision classes and the opportunity to attend booster sessions and Easter School are provided to allow for past paper practice in Mathematics. Numeracy periods are also built into pupil timetables to allow for further exposure to GCSE style questions

Career Opportunities

Sparx Maths

Within the Mathematics department here at All Saints College, we use the homework programme, Sparx Maths to support pupil learning. 

External research found that using Sparx Maths for one hour a week significantly improves grades. Within this research, students made 83% more progress with just 15 minutes of practice every week (in comparison to those who do no homework).

What are the benefits for students of using Sparx Maths?

Parent video Guide

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Top tips for parents

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Additional Information

Within the Maths team, we offer a range of enrichment opportunities for students.


  1. Numeracy club

  2. Maths Revision Classes

  3. Maths Week Ireland, Pi Day, International Day of Women in Mathematics, and Number Day fundraisers are just some of the celebrations we participate in.

  4. Transition events with feeder primary schools

Useful websites for KS3 Maths

Useful websites for GCSE Maths

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