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Staff List and HOD Names

Mr C Toal (HOD)

Aims of Department

The department aims to allow students to develop a range of skills including how to apply legal rules, presenting a legal argument, analysing and evaluating the law and dealing with current legal issues. The course also aims to provide pupils with a pathway into a range of careers in the legal profession and many other related professions.

Outline of Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5


Pupils will study the AQA Law A-Level course which consists of four modules across Y13 and Y14 to include:


Unit 1  Criminal Law: Topics include fatal offences of murder and manslaughter, non-fatal offences to include assault, battery, ABH and GBH and Wounding and defences that are available.

Unit 2 Tort: Topics include negligence claims, claims against occupiers and employers, claims in nuisance and defences.

Unit 3 Contract Law: Topics include formation of a contract, key terms in a contract, misrepresentation, frustrating a contract and breach of contract

Unit 4 Law Making and the UK Legal System: Topics include: How laws are made, criminal and civil courts, the legal profession and receiving advice and representation

Career Opportunities

The study of A-Level Law is an excellent introduction for pupils who want to study Law at university. However, A-level Law links well with many other subjects and creates opportunities for pupils to study other degrees in university to include History, Sociology, Government and Politics, Economics and Business.


It also creates career opportunities in the legal profession such as solicitor or barrister and a range of other professions to include teacher, journalist, marketing and Human Resources.

Additional Information

Pupils will have the opportunity to participate in the Work Inspiration Programme where they will spend time in a solicitor’s firm. Pupils can also apply to be part of the NI Attorney General Programme. Pupils will visit the courts and also have a range of guest speakers from the legal profession visiting them.


Useful Contacts: Mr Toal

Career Information and Guidance

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