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Home Economics

Staff List and HOD Names

Mrs T.McComb - Head of Department

Mrs G. Davey

Mrs M. Leonard

Mrs C. Gallagher

Mrs C. Shields

Aims of Department

Home Economics is a fun, interactive and relevant subject which is studied by all KS3 students. Theory and practical lessons provide students with the opportunity to develop many lifelong skills for example culinary, communication and mathematical skills.

Students also have the opportunity to continue studying Home Economics at

GCSE (Food and Nutrition) and Occupational Studies catering.


There is also a provision at KS5 to study a BTEC in Hospitality.

Outline of Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5


The Key Stage 3 content concentrates on the main areas of:

  • Healthy Eating

  • Home and Family Life

  • Independent Living




GCSE Food and Nutrition (CCEA)

Food and Nutrition encourages students to develop knowledge and understanding of the science behind food.

They also gain knowledge, understanding and skills in areas such as:

  • food provenance

  • macronutrients and micronutrients government nutritional guidelines

  • food safety.

  • planning meals for people with specific nutritional and dietary needs

  • Students also develop practical skills in food preparation, cooking and presentation.

  • This course also provides an excellent foundation for a career in food-related industries.

  • Occupational Studies Design and Creativity

  • The world of work is constantly changing. Today it is uncommon for a person to have only one occupation throughout their working life so it is vital that throughout our careers we are able to transfer and adapt our knowledge and skills.


Occupational Studies allows learners to learn for work, through work and about work. This hands-on approach is ideal for those who prefer to develop their skills in a more practical, occupational environment.

The units studied include:

  • Patisserie and Baking

  • Contemporary Cuisine

Career Opportunities

Food Scientist/Technologist

Dietetics and Nutrition

Agri-Food Industry

Hospitality and Tourism

Hotel and Restaurant Management

New Product Development

Research and Development

Environmental health

Consumer Advice for example Citizens Advice

Government Health departments

Health Promotion for example, Cancer Focus NI

Additional Information

Extra-curricular activities linked to or delivered by the department

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