Health and Social Care

Staff List and HOD Names

Ms Ursula O’Hagan (HOD)

Mrs Helena McAlister

Mrs Deirdre Vallely

Mr Martin McCaughan

Aims of Department

The Health & Social Care department is well established and very popular subject areas on the Key Stage 4 & 5 curriculum. With the recent challenging and subsequently changing times we find ourselves in, the need for professional care and support is needed more than ever. Courses in Health & Social Care offer many opportunities to study and experience the types of care that individuals need and progress to further study in to how this care can be practiced and used to benefit the health and well-being of everyone. Social care is about providing physical, emotional and social support to help people live their lives. For various reasons and at different stages in their lives, some people need support to develop and maintain their independence, dignity and control and we should remember that may be any of us now or in the future.

Outline of Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

Key Stage 4

Pearson BTEC Health and Social Care First Award Level 2 – this course is a combination of internally assessed and an externally examined unit over the two years and provides a basis for the A level Health and Social Care. This course assesses the importance of nutrition on diets, communicating with vulnerable individuals and looking at the values of care that need to be practiced by healthcare professionals

Units include: -


  • Human Lifespan

  • Effective Communication in Health and Social Care

  • Impact of Nutrition on Diet and Health

  • Health and Social Care Values


Key Stage 5

CCEA GCE Applied Health and Social Care: - this A level programme is both internally and externally assessed. The course covers the main aspects of care, health promotion, legislation, provision and evaluation of services as well as having the opportunity for a care sector placement.

Units include:


  • Promoting Quality Care

  • Communication in Health Social and Early Years Settings

  • Health and Well Being

  • Providing Services

  • Health Promotion

  • Supporting the Family

Career Opportunities

The following are potential careers from gaining Health & Social Care qualifications: -

Midwifery, Occupational and Physiotherapies, Nursing, Teaching, Practice Management,

Counselling, Psychology, Healthcare professional, Emergency and support Services,

Nursery Management, Clinical Researcher, Rehabilitation Services, Social Work,

Community support and outreach, Health Promotion Specialist, Youth Worker, Working in Mental Health, Speech Therapy, Disability Nursing and Support, Addiction Support, Early Intervention Autism support,, Childcare Assessors Play Coordinators, Care Team Supervising, Teaching to name a few.


Generally Level 2 courses will provide excellent pathways to Level 3 courses at the College or alternatively placements where Level 3 courses can be completed in vocational care settings. Completing Level 3 courses successfully will provide access to appropriate degree courses and work based learning opportunities in hospitals, care settings, support provision

and education.

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