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Staff List and HOD Names

Ms O’Marron - Head of Department

Mr L Watson

Miss N Stitt

Miss A Trainor

Mr D McGivern

Aims of Department

In the Geography Department we open the door to the inquisitive mind.  Our aim is to give a voice to our pupils and to allow them to explore the world around them. Our subject promotes the values of sustainability, innovation, compassion and respect.

Outline of Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5


In KS3 Geography pupils will cover a range of Topics such as:

Weather and Climate.

Coastal landscapes.


Rock landscapes.

Glacial landscapes.

Natural hazards.

Rivers and water



Pupils follow CEA GCSE Geography revised course September 2017.  The course is now comprised of 3 units:


•    Unit 1 - Understanding our Natural World: River Environments, Coastal Environments, Our Changing Weather and Climate and The Restless Earth

•    Unit 2 - Living in our World: Population and Migration, Changing Urban Areas, Contrasts in World Development and Managing our Environment

•    Unit 3 – Fieldwork

Career Opportunities

There are a range of Career opportunities related to Geography such as :


Commercial/residential surveyor

Environmental consultant

Geographical information systems officer

Planning and development surveyor

Secondary school teacher

Town planner

Additional Information

Useful Contact:

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