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All Saints College 

-Virtual Open Day 2021-


In All Saints College, our boys and girls are taught that through a combination of hard work and enjoyment they can become extraordinary. It is our goal to ensure that every pupil achieves their full potential and that they are provided with the necessary supports to cope with any challenges that they may meet.

All Saints College is all inclusive and young people from all backgrounds and abilities will be welcomed, valued and encouraged to strive for and achieve success. Throughout their journey in All Saints College, every pupil will be supported in their learning and their personal development.

The school opened its doors in 2019 and already we have been successful in achieving:

2020: The School of Sanctuary Award

2020: A New School Build

2021: The Spirit of Catholic Education Award, for Promoting and Developing Catholic Ethos and Values. 

The Minister of Education informed us that we were getting a new school building. This is not only great news for the school but for the whole community as it will represent the spirit, the strengths and the ambitions of all our young people and it will ensure that All Saints College is at the forefront of educational change and a leader in the local community

Year 8 Prospectus

Academic Excellence

All Saints College has a strong focus on academic achievement, where every child is presented with challenging personal targets and goals. Every pupil will have a choice of pathways to success and they will be guided by a team of outstanding professionals who will work hard to ensure that each pupil achieves their full potential.

The positive learning culture throughout our school ensures that children will grow to love learning, and the fun aspects of learning will ensure that they maintain a positive outlook on school.

The curriculum offered in All Saints College is vibrant and relevant to the needs of the twenty first century. Children will develop their thinking and, learning skills, life skills and friendships through the wide range of extra-curricular activities that will be offered to them.

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

As part of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust pupils will be involved in assemblies, faith programmes and charity events that will develop and extend their faith life.

We believe that the key to success in any aspect of life is for an individual to feel cared for and to enjoy what they are doing. Your child will be happy in All Saints College because

like you, we want the best for our young people and we are committed to providing the best education, and support systems that your child requires to ensure success.

Y8 booklet A4 Complete_Page_01 (4).jpg

Newcomer Support

All Saints College is extremely proud of our all-inclusive nature as we strive to ensure all pupils from all backgrounds feel valued and an integral part of our school community.

Taking this approach, All Saints College is delighted to be in a position to offer a variety of supports for our Newcomer pupils as well as providing opportunities to enhance their academic profiles.

Pupils will be able to avail of Additional English support at times during the school day and after school delivered by qualified language specialists. This will create an opportunity for some pupils to complete GCSE and A ‘Level qualifications in some subjects including Arabic while others will gain additional confidence in developing their English language skills.

The College has also established excellent community links over recent years with a wide range of organisations from various ethnic minority groups. This level of collaboration has led to multicultural events taking place in school as well as All Saints College being represented at many community events.

To highlight the commitment to our Newcomer pupils, the college recently achieved School of Sanctuary status which reflects the continuing hard work and commitment of pupils, parents and staff in ensuring All Saints College is recognised as a school for all.

Year 8

Our Year 8 pupils are based on the Glen Road Campus. This site will be dedicated exclusively to the pupils in Key Stage 3 where they are taught in a safe and nurturing environment. We operate a base class system where the pupils are taught by one teacher for a number of their subjects in a base room, easing the transition into Post Primary and giving you a clear point of contact whom you can contact at any time, as we encourage open communication between home and school. Your child will of course have specialist teachers and specialist subjects. In this way, we minimise confusion and movement yet maximise opportunities.


The facilities continue to improve and this year will see the arrival of four new mobile classrooms that will enhance the facilities already available. We also look forward to the extension of our PE facilities and we will continue to develop the accommodation of the school until the new school is available.

Admissions Criteria


All Saints College is proud to be an all ability coeducational school. The admissions criteria, set by the Board of Governors invites applications from students across the community.

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